May 2 Themeless

puz | pdf | solution

Word count: 68

Average length: 5.65

Difficulty: 4/5 

I hope you enjoy this moderately difficult themeless. Please feel free to share it with fellow crossword lovers. If you have any questions/comments/complaints, you can submit a comment below or shoot me an email at

American Military Cemetery, Normandy (see 26 Down)

1A:  My first exposure to this beverage was a couple of years ago at a farmhouse after biking up a steep hill in the Black Forest.  Delicious!!! 

35A:  Perhaps a bit obscure, but it’s in the lyrics of a very catchy Steely Dan tune (Doctor Wu, on the Katy Lied album) that I’ve been listening to regularly since it came out way back in 1975.  The relevant verse:  You walked in/And my life began again/Just when I’d spent the last /I could borrow ….

26D:  If you have the chance to visit the D-Day beaches, grab it.  I’ve traveled a great deal and have never had such a moving, profound experience.

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Thanks – I’m glad you like them. I haven’t submitted any for publication so far. Right now, I’m just doing this for fun.


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