Jeff’s Puzzles

Themeless 35

Words:  66 Average Length:  5.82 Difficulty:  Whose words these are I think you know/My themeless puzzles challenge though/There is no need for you to fear/You always can to Google go! (With apologies to Robert Frost.) I’ve been on a poetry-reading kick for several months; inevitably, that newfound interest is seeping into my grids, which accounts […]

Mostly Musical Mini 17

Words:  19 Average Length:  4.63 Difficulty:  Medium-ish This one has a bit more music theory than usual, but there should be enough gimmes to let any musical neophytes solve without too much resistance.  Enjoy! online | puz | pdf | solution

Book a Vacation

Words:  76 Average Length:  5.03 Difficulty:  Like summer reading (not the school variety) Here’s a gentle grid to usher in August, prime time for lazing in the sun with a book, listening to the waves lap against the shore, and looking up an hour later to realize you haven’t read a page but instead fell […]

Mostly Musical Mini 16

Words: 18 Average Length: 5.00 Difficulty: Mezzo Forte Well You Needn’t be concerned.  Even if you don’t solve this til Round Midnight, it’s Straight, No Chaser.  If you know all these tunes, 9 Across will drop right into the grid.  If you don’t, check them out! online | puz | pdf | solution


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