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Puny but Punny 4

Words: 10 Average Length: 4.80 More Wednesday silliness. This one might be a bit more difficult than my other PBP puzzles, but with extra challenge comes extra humor, I hope. online | puz | pdf | solution


Words:  74 Average Length: 4.65 Picture above: a house (not mine). It’s Hacienda La Compañia in Ecuador, and it’s gorgeous inside and out. My quite limited artistic abilities are on display in this grid; if nothing else, the title should tell you what the black shape in the middle is.  There’s a small amount of […]

Puny but Punny 3

Words: 8 Average Length: 4.0 Another bite-sized package of silly puns.  I’m particularly proud/ashamed of 4 Down. online | puz | pdf | solution

Themeless 42

Words: 70 Average Length: 5.40 In the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe” series, Douglas Adams asserts that the answer to “life, the universe, and everything” is 42.  In that vein, I proudly present Themeless 42, which answers such pressing questions as:  What’s orange and hangs out in a mall (6 Down)?  Who’s the leader of […]


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