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Why Don’t July Around and Solve This?

Words:  74 Average Length:  5.11 Difficulty:  More moderate than the temperature outside, that’s for sure July 4 was a big deal to some of our Founding Fathers, just not in the way you think.  Solve and find out what I mean.  I’m taking a short break from posting while I spend a few days hiking […]

Mostly Musical Mini 13

Words: 16 Average Length: 5.25 Difficulty:  A smidge tougher than average maybe? Mix one cup of rock, a couple of tablespoons of pop, indie, and rap, and a dash of other music stuff, pour the mixture over 7 artfully arranged squares of very dark chocolate, marinate for a few weeks in your “Upcoming Puzzles” folder, […]

Themeless 33

Words:  46 (12×12 grid) Average Length:  5.30 Difficulty:  Somewhere north of medium I had lots of fun constructing this one; I hope you have as much solving it.  The seeds were 1 and 7 Across, which I’d been saving while looking for a happy home.  24 Down and 30 Down had been chilling in my […]

Mostly Musical Mini 12

Words:  17 Average Length:  4.94 Difficulty:  Legato Pop, rock, rap, jazz, classical, reggae, and old technology, all in a tidy 7×7 package.  This one should be quick, easy, and (I hope) fun! online | puz | pdf | solution


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Music, history, food, science, and an unfortunate number of puns all wrapped up in moderate-to-challenging crosswords. Enjoy!

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