Jeff’s Puzzles

A Foolproof April

Words:  76 Average Length:  5.00 Here’s a gently springy puzzle for early April, as well as a poem that I wrote after walking around the neighborhood. online | puz | pdf | solution Spring in My Feet Einstein-haired forsythias wave To daffodils who bow and brave The bagpipe drone and wheeze of blowers Lofting leaves…

Venn Mini 8

Words: 11 Average Length: 4.55 online | puz | pdf | solution This is the last Venn Mini for a bit – they’re a bit of a pain to construct, to be honest.  Same rules as always:  each half of the clue is like a circle in a Venn Diagram; the answer falls in the…

Rock and Rolls

Words:  74 Average Length:  5.05 Well here’s a surprise:  a puzzle combining music and food.  Whatever conclusions you might draw from my proclivity for this combination likely are correct.  (For another example, see Meals in Motown.) online | puz | pdf | online

Venn Mini 7

Words:  10 Average Length:  4.20 online | puz | pdf | solution Think of each half of each clue as a circle in a Venn diagram. The answer will lie in the intersection of the two circles. It could be a name, a word with different meanings in each context, a common component, or something…


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Music, history, food, science, and travel all wrapped up in moderate-to-challenging crosswords. Enjoy!

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