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Goofy Themeless 2

Words:  68 Average Length:  5.74 Difficulty: You bet! Back by popular, um, indifference?  dismay? … a themeless where, to paraphrase Whose Line Is It Anyway, almost everything is made up and your time doesn’t matter.  The rules are simple: –           All 3- and 4- letter words are defined straightforwardly –           Longer words may be: […]

Recording Artists

Words:  76 Average Length:  4.92 Difficulty:  2.5 out of 5 (easy fill and challenging theme answers) This puzzle dares to answer the question, “What happens when great painters hear great songs?”  Please enjoy and share.  Next up (10/17) will be a Goofy Themeless. puz | pdf | solution

Themeless 19

Word Count:  70 Average Length:  5.40 Difficulty:  4 out of 5 After a sojourn in Scandinavia last week, today’s straightforward themeless makes a few stops in Asia.  I’ll use it as an excuse to showcase a couple of photos taken in the Indian state of Kerala, where 21 Across is an official language.  puz | […]

IKEAn’t Believe It!

Words:  77 (16×15 grid) Average Length:  5.14 Difficulty:  3 out of 5 Here’s a puzzle with some punny Scandinavian humor for y’all.  Want some more?  Why do Norwegians put bar codes on their military ships?  So they can Scan-de-navy-in!  Please solve, enjoy, and share.  Next up will be a challenging themeless.  Stay tuned! puz | […]


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Music, history, food, science, and an unfortunate number of puns all wrapped up in moderate-to-challenging crosswords. Enjoy!

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