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Themeless 31

Words:  70      Average Length:  5.51 Difficulty:  Straightforwardly challenging I’m back from my foray into preaching/political strategizing and hoping to entertain you with a middle-of-the-road themeless.  (Pick a lane, dammit!)  44D:  Just before the pandemic hit, I was in Sri Lanka taking an architectural tour of Colombo.  As we walked up one street between a phenomenal […]

What “Pro-Life” Should Mean …

Words: 74 Average Length:  5.16 Difficulty:  I tried to make this easier than usual.  That effort may have met with “incomplete success,” as President Carter once said. A crossword puzzle is an ineffective means of getting a message across, but I’m a Democrat, so I come by that naturally. Here’s the point: The Democrats need […]

Mostly Musical Mini 8

Words:  18 Average Length:  5.00 Difficulty:  Legato This week’s Mostly Musical Mini brings Ellington, Winehouse, a (very) little rap, a multi-talented Bajan billionaire, and more.  Please solve and enjoy! Solve online | puz | pdf | solution

Gregor Samosa Was Banned by the Health Department

Words:  72 Average Length:  5.00 Difficulty:  A beach read, but on a somewhat windy day I’m fascinated by the weekly “By the Book” column in the New York Times.  If you don’t know it, every week a guest author responds to several questions about favorites, preferences, organization of their book collections, etc.  One of the […]


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Music, history, food, science, and an unfortunate number of puns all wrapped up in moderate-to-challenging crosswords. Enjoy!

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