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Venn Mini 1

Words:  10 (5×5) Average Length:  4.20 I haven’t seen a puzzle like this before, although I’m sure the concept exists.  Think of each half of the clue as a circle in a Venn diagram; the answer is found in the intersection between the two circles.  It may be a shared trait or name, a constituent…

A Fab Feb

Words: 76 Average Length: 4.97 My Fab Feb started on the evening of the 1st with the birth of our granddaughter. (See the To My New Granddaughter post from Feb. 3.) Of course, there’s much more to celebrate in February, and this grid does its best to cover the highlights. Enjoy and share! online |…

To My New Granddaughter

Words: 40 (11×11) Average Length: 4.65 I interrupt my regular Wednesday and Sunday posting schedule with a special announcement (and crossword): Wednesday night (Feb. 1) at 10:57 pm, Sandy and I welcomed our first grandchild, Eleanor Mikayla Fuhrman. Ella and her Mom are doing great. I had to mark the occasion with a puzzle, of…

Travel Midi 5 – Singapore

Words:  46 (15×9) Average Length:  4.87 My day in Singapore was a blur of phenomenal architecture, gorgeous gardens, and delicious food.  Capturing all that in a grid is difficult, so take a look at my PuffinlessTravel write-up for some photos and sightseeing tips.  This is the last Travel Midi, at least for a while –…


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