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Themeless 54

Words:  68 Average Length:  5.71 I had some fun with the basic math in the two seeds (19 and 49 Across), but my favorite clue is 31 Down.  Throw in some Vietnamese food, a baker from Mayberry, Mariano Rivera, Superman, and Robert Frost and, I hope, you’ll find this an interesting and enjoyable solve. online…


Words:  42 (11×11) Average Length:  4.71 I never saw the movie containing the line that underlies this puzzle, but I know the music and much of the plot through sheer osmosis.  I hope you enjoy the puzzle, particularly the handful of “?”-designated clues. online | puz | pdf | solution

Roots Music

Words:  74 Average Length:  5.11 Cruciverbalists talk about “seeds” – the entries around which a grid is constructed.  Today’s puzzle has five quite literal (and musical) seeds.  I hope you like it, or at least that it grows on you! Please check out my new poetry site, For Memorial Day, I posted this poem…

Color My World

Words:  41 (11×11) Average Length:  5.02 I’d been toying with the idea for this puzzle for a while and finally decided to construct it during one of those games where the Nats offense apparently has better things to do than hit.  After several futile attempts at fitting the theme answers into a symmetrical grid, I…


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Music, history, food, science, and travel all wrapped up in moderate-to-challenging crosswords. Enjoy!

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