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Mostly Musical Mini 25

Words: 19 Average Length:  4.63 Lots of blues in today’s MMM, including a featured cross between a legendary blues guitar player/singer and a legendary blues singer, with some Southern rock blues, country blues, and blue-eyed soul added for good measure. online | puz | pdf | solution

Themeless 39

Words:  70 Average Length:  5.46 This one started with the clue/answer pair at 18 Across.  23 Down went in shortly thereafter, and it’s one of my favorite clue/answer pairs in any of my puzzles, if you’ll excuse the self-pat on the back.  51 Down’s clue (“Altamira or Lascaux, e.g.”) references something on my bucket list […]

Mostly Musical Mini 24

Words: 20 Average Length: 5.13 This week’s MMM may be a bit more challenging than usual.  I worked in a French composer many of you probably haven’t heard of, who wrote what I think is the most beautiful flute sonata of the 20th century.  In addition, I was forced into 6 Down, who’s a not-very-well-known […]

Garden-Variety Names

Words:  79 (16×15 grid) Average Length:  5.06 Housekeeping note: the clue to 70 Across should read “One who might assist in the birth of a 64 Across.” Thanks to Sommersmith for pointing out the need for an edit – and be sure to check out his puzzles over at; they’re excellent! I think this […]


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