June 7 Themeless

puz | pdf | solution

Word Count:  68

Average Length:  5.56

Difficulty:  3.5 out of 5

Here’s a straightforward themeless for y’all.  Solving notes (which I just realized read more like homework assignments) are below the photo.

Budding hydrangea in my backyard this morning. (48 Down)

14A:  I understand this phenomenon from the player’s perspective, but it truly dismays me as a college basketball fan.

15A:  Oz was a wonderful author of both fiction and non-fiction and a voice of wisdom, reason, and humanity.  Check out Dear Zealot, Judas, and A Tale of Love and Darkness.

27A:  18 lines, 62 words, and as lyrically powerful as anything you’ll read.  Check it out on the Poetry Foundation’s web site (

34D:  All the corvid birds (e.g., crows, ravens and the species in the answer) are amazingly intelligent animals.  See

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