July 8 Themeless

puz | pdf | solution

The highest-ranking angel, our dog Mia (see the clue for 1 Across)

Word Count:  70

Average Length:  5.40

Difficulty:  5 out of 5

The seed for this one, not surprisingly, was 5D, which I first thought of when constructing my two Set List puzzles a month or so ago.   Joni Mitchell has remained one of my all-time favorites since the early 70s, and her fourth album is phenomenal, justifiably considered #3 on Rolling Stone’s most recent list of the 500 Greatest Rock Albums of All Time.  My views on Taylor Swift have pulled a “uey,” to use some bad crossword fill.  I used to dismiss her as just another bland pop star, but now that I’ve given her a chance, I think she’s an exceptionally talented songwriter and performer.  Her first acoustic album from 2020, “folklore,” is really nice.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the puzzle.  Please share generously!

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