Set List

Set List 3:   Springsteen/Bryan Adams/Bee Gees/Springsteen/Katy Perry

Words:  74

Average Length:  4.95

Difficulty:  Mostly easy listening with an occasional #9 chord

Two years ago today, I was on the Celebrity Constellation – decorated with the requisite statue of gorilla holding a fish – on my way from Dubai to Singapore.

puz | pdf | solution

After several months, here’s another Set List puzzle.  (The first two are available here and here.) As the note says, assume these musicians are playing a concert together (Bruce gets two songs because he’s Bruce, after all).  Bruce starts it off, Bryan Adams continues, and the songs run into each other.  Your job is to figure out the set list.  Please enjoy, share, etc.  Next up (1/9) will be a tough themeless.

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