Themeless 30

Words:  70

Average Length:  5.57

Difficulty:  Even though I’m posting this on 5/1, there’s no need to shout “Mayday”

“___ hundred flowers blossom” (Clue for 22 Across) (photo taken at the phenomenal Akureyri Botanical Gardens in Akureyri, Iceland)

1 Across was the seed, and it’s an interesting story:  Prince Esterhazy, Haydn’s patron, brought the composer and his orchestra to his summer palace and stayed longer than the musicians expected.  Being separated from their families back in Eisenstadt, where the Prince’s main palace was located, the musicians asked Haydn to seek the Prince’s permission to return.  Rather than confront the Prince directly, Haydn composed this symphony; at the end, after all the other musicians had snuffed out their candles and left the stage, only Haydn and the concertmaster remained.  The Prince got the message; the next day the court returned to Eisenstadt.  The Wikipedia article is here.

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