Initial Impressions

Words:  70

Average Length:  5.23

Difficulty:  With due respect to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, the impression that I get is that it’s not too tough

Rainbow near Isafjordur, Iceland (see 44 Across)

What would you call the author of Game of Thrones if he decided to write educational primers instead of finishing “Winds of Winter”?  What about the author of “The Time Machine” after his disqualification for using PEDs?  Solve and find out …

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2 replies on “Initial Impressions”

Whew, this was a fun one – impressive interlock with the theme entries, too.

One extremely minor nitpick, re: 4-Down, is that the use of “euros” in the clue here made me sure this was going to be a subtle indicator that we were looking for the British spelling (very common if you look at clues for ODOUR et al).


You’re absolutely right. At first I thought it shouldn’t be an issue because England doesn’t use Euros, but the spelling in France is like the British spelling, and in Spain there’s an O at the end. At least in Germany the clue would be accurate. Thanks for pointing that out. So it goes.


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