Mostly Musical Mini

Mostly Musical Mini 18

Words:  16

Average Length:  5.00

I hope you enjoy this week’s MMM.  Starting with today’s grid, I plan to write a few totally subjective sentences about one or two entries in each MMM.  Here goes:

8 Across (ranked by Rolling Stone as the 243rd greatest song ever) is the most radical track on Revolver, which at the time was the most radical album in pop music history (and is Rolling Stone’s 11th greatest album ever).  It’s a bleak, beautiful song with a propulsive melody and wistful lyrics (mostly by Paul) and a terrific, jagged George Martin string arrangement. 

Revolver is my favorite Beatles album (Rubber Soul is second), but 8 Across is only my fourth favorite song on the album.  I generally prefer John’s songs to Paul’s, and two of his tunes on Revolver – She Said She Said and I’m Only Sleeping – take first and second.  Paul’s masterpiece, Here There and Everywhere, ranks third for me. 

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