Mostly Musical Mini

Mostly Musical Mini 20

Words:  24

Average Length:  4.83

Despite my cluing it as an elementary school instrument, there is some wonderful classical music composed for 15 Across.  Here’s a link to Vivaldi’s [15 Across] Concerto in C (RV 443).  The first movement (Allegro) is full of virtuosic fireworks, the second movement (Largo) is hauntingly beautiful, and the third movement (Allegro Molto) is even more technically impressive than the first.  I hope you enjoy both the puzzle and the music!

Technical note: due to an oversight and laziness on my part, when you solve the puzzle online, print it, or open it in AcrossLite, the title will say 19, not 20. I promise it’s a brand-new puzzle.

online | puz | pdf | solution

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