Themeless 44

Flamingos, seen in Namibia last week. They have nothing to do with the puzzle but I think it’s a cool picture.

Words:  68

Average Length:  5.59

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!  This themeless started with the entries at 1 Across and 11 Down.  I first heard about 11 Down on a trip to Portugal in October (where the fee for one is close to half a million dollars).  I tried to make the cluing on this one a bit gentler than usual, but it’ll still be a workout.  

Revision: I just found out the first half of the clue for 3 Down isn’t right. Please ignore the reference to “trumpeter Blanchard.”

PS: I just returned from a terrific trip going from Lisbon to Cape Town, with stops in Madeira, Gran Canaria, The Gambia, Senegal, Ghana, Angola, and Namibia. If you’d like to see some photos and my write-up, please visit my travel blog.

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