Travel Midi

Travel Midi 1 – Antarctica

1 Across/6 Across, seen from deck 4 on our ship, roughly 40 feet above water level

This is the first in what I hope will be a slew of posts marrying three things I love:  crosswords, travel, and photography.  Every Wednesday, I will post a travel-themed midi here, inspired by a photo I’ve taken on my travels. I’ll include a link to a write-up about the place and photo on my travel blog,

Link to travel blog write-up

Words: 36 (11×11)

Average Length: 4.89

My brother and I traveled to Antarctica in February 2022.  I wrote about the trip extensively at that time — see here and surrounding posts — and even constructed a penguin-themed crossword in celebration of the trip. 

I’m revisiting Antarctica now because it was visually the most evocative place I’ve ever been. (Plus, I owe it a crossword that recognizes the continent’s many attractions other than penguins!)

online | puz | pdf | solution

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