Mini Venn Mini

Venn Mini 1

Words:  10 (5×5)

Average Length:  4.20

I haven’t seen a puzzle like this before, although I’m sure the concept exists.  Think of each half of the clue as a circle in a Venn diagram; the answer is found in the intersection between the two circles.  It may be a shared trait or name, a constituent part of each category, a word associated with both “circles” but meaning different things in each context, or some other common ground.

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Explanation/spoilers below:






1A: FLEA is the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist, and a flea is common parasite

5A:  BRAND is a ranch “dressing,” or decoration, and Hidden Valley is a common brand of ranch dressing

6A:  LINDA Rondstadt sang Blue Bayou (as did Roy Orbison, but he doesn’t fit), and Linda Blair starred in The Exorcist

7A:  UTEs is the name both of an indigenous American people and a common shortening of “utility” for vehicles.

8A:  EOS is a Canon camera and the Greek goddess of the dawn

1D:  FRITO means fried in Spanish; a chimichanga is fried – and of course Frito is an iconic corn chip

2D:  LANES are found in both highways and bowling alleys

3D:  ENDS – a line segment has 2 ends, and codas are the ends of musical pieces

4D:  ADA Lovelace is regarded by some as an early computer programmer, and the ADA is the professional organization of dentists

5D:  BLUE is component of both Green (with yellow) and Purple (with red)

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