Mini Themeless Venn Mini

Venn Mini 3

Words:  10

Average Length:  4.40

online | puz | pdf | solution

Explanation/spoilers below the break

Bike (see 6 Across) on a rainy day in Amsterdam, Oct. 2019








1A:  SPARE is a score in bowling and an emergency tire

6A:  PEDALs are used to ride a bicycle and to stop a car

7A:  ATOMS have nuclei, and Thom Yorke/Flea’s band was Atoms for Peace

8A:  DEBS is short for debutantes and also the surname of Eugene V. Debs, a 5-time Socialist candidate for US President

9A:  ERE is contained in both Where and There

1D:  SPADE is a suit in a deck of cards and also a garden tool

2D:  PETER Cottontail was Flopsy and Mopsy’s brother; a famous Tsar was Peter the Great

3D:  ADOBE is a type of clay brick as well as the developer of Acrobat software

4D:  RAMS are pick-up trucks from Dodge and an NFL franchise in Los Angeles

5D:  ELS (elevated train) are operated by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), and Ernie Els is a noted member of the PGA Tour

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