Mini Venn Mini

Venn Mini 5

Words:  10

Average Length:  4.60

See clue for 3 Down (this is a raven (I believe), photographed near Stonehenge. Flocks of them were swooping around the stones, creating quite an eerie atmosphere.

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1A:  STEAM comes from a kettle and a steamroller is a piece of construction equipment

6A:  a HEDGE is a kind of bush and one can hedge a bet

7A:  Mike Trout is an ANGEL, as is an investor in a start-up

8A:  ROAST can mean good-natured kidding, and one roasts a turkey

9A:  ERR works as a prefix for both -and and -or

1D:  Kids learn to SHARE in kindergarten, and stocks are sold in shares

2D:  Coltrane played TENOR sax and Pavarotti was a tenor

3D:  EDGAR Allen Poe wrote “The Raven” and EDGAR Degas painted “The Dancing Class”

4D:  AGES follows both “Stone” and “Middle”

5D:  Ice will MELT, and a tuna melt is a (delicious!) sandwich

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