Mini Venn Mini

Venn Mini 6

Words: 10

Average Length: 4.80

See 6A (taken in Venice, July 2014)

online | puz | pdf | solution

Spoilers/solving notes below:








1A:  A shepherd uses a STAFF and an employer hires a STAFF

6A:  An ear has a CANAL, and Erie is one

7A:  Lewis Carroll wrote about ALICE in Wonderland, and Jefferson Airplane’s song White Rabbit is based on Carroll’s book

8A:  Bags are TOTES and in “I Love You Man,” Paul Rudd’s character says “TOTES McGotes”

9A:  Mathematician John NASH was the subject of “A Beautiful Mind,” and Graham NASH was a founding member of The Hollies

1D:  Ella Fitzgerald was known for SCAT singing, and animal poop is called SCAT

2D:  An eagle has TALONs, and TALON is a major brand of zipper

3D:  ANITA Hill accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment, and ANITA is Maria’s friend in West Side Story

4D:  Clocks have FACES and Rod Stewart was in a band called FACES

5D:  In The Merchant of Venice, Shylock famously speaks of “the pound of FLESH, which I demand of [Antonio]”, and Matthew 26 contains the line “the spirit is willing but the FLESH is weak”

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