Themeless 52

Nothing to do with the puzzle, but here’s the “Monolithic” church of St. Émilion with storm clouds in the background, and yes, it did pour at times during our e-bike tour of the region. Photo taken April 2023, St.-Émilion, France

Words:  72

Average Length:  5.25

I recently heard someone say 1 Across and thought:  (1) You rarely hear 1A 1A.  (2) 1A could be a decent seed for a themeless, especially because I’d just listened to Buffalo Springfield (seminal ‘60s band) and 1A is the first word of the title of one of their signature songs.  The other four words of the title are scattered through the puzzle, as are the names of the song’s composer/lead singer and one of his bandmates.  So maybe it’s not really a themeless, but whatever it is, I hope you enjoy solving it!

online | puz | pdf | solution

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