Midi Travel Midi

Travel Midi 4 – Colombo and Phuket

Pettah fruit and vegetable market, Colombo

Words:  40 (11×11)

Average Length:  4.45

Looking beyond the esthetics – this is by far the least attractive grid I’ve ever designed – I hope you enjoy today’s tribute to two fascinating spots in south and southeast Asia.  I’d love to return to both countries at some point, having barely sampled their visual, historical, and spiritual charms.  Click here to see some photos and my write-up.

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Themeless 21

Words:  68

Average Length:  5.53

Difficulty:  5 out of 5

Pettah fruit and vegetable market, Colombo, Sri Lanka (see 14D)

This one’s pretty tough, particularly the 1A/6&7D combination.  If you’ve never had 1A, you owe it to yourself to try some, preferably washed down with a Medalla.  I first ran across 7D while learning to play Rhapsody in Blue way back in high school.   There’s a nasty 7D that I never quite got.

puz | pdf | solution

If you finish the puzzle, reward yourself with a 1 Down, 16 Down, or 45 Across.  If you don’t finish it, console yourself with the same. 

Please share this puzzle throughout the metaverse, link to this site, and otherwise give me some free publicity.  Next up (11/21) will be a medium-difficulty, Thanksgiving-themed puzzle.  Thanks, and enjoy!