Pun Names

puz | pdf | solution

Word Count:  72

Average Length:  5.19

Difficulty:  4/5

I had a great deal of fun – perhaps too much, you be the judge – cluing this one.  (Favorite non-theme clues:  13A, 41A, 4D (possibly rescuing the crosswordese fill), 22D.)

Gustav Vigeland, creator of fantastical sculptures, along with an avian admirer. See the notes on 32D.

Some notes:

51A:  The Lennon tracks, especially Watching the Wheels, which is one of my favorite songs from an ex-Beatle, but including Woman and (Just Like) Starting Over, are solid.  The others, eh, not so much IMO.

7D: Showing my age here, again.  M*A*S*H was a rare TV show that maintained its quality through all of its seasons and cast changes.

11D:  I wanted to clue this referring to the cracker company – try their Multigrains, which are phenomenal and at least as addictive as Stacy’s chips – but I wasn’t sure if they were just a local mid-Atlantic company.

32D:  It’s a fascinating city.  If you ever have the chance, visit the brilliant Vigeland Sculpture Park.

63D:  Way too obscure, I’m sorry, but as a recovering telecom lawyer, this was somewhere in my useless information database (which is quite large and is elbowing aside the stuff it would be helpful to remember).

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