puz | pdf | solution

Word Count:  76

Average Length:  4.87

Difficulty:  3/5

Detail inside 38 Across

I constructed a version of this puzzle in 2013, shortly after Pope Francis was elected.  Now that I have this blog, I figured I’d look at some of my earlier efforts – which I circulated only among a dozen family and friends – to see if any were worth revisiting. 

This one is intended as a lighthearted riff on the papacy.  Nothing should give offense, I hope.  Enjoy the solve and, if you do, please share the puzzle.

11D:  This clue is based on a true story:  when my oldest son was in 5th grade, his class wrote and produced an opera.  The preparation included attending a dress rehearsal of an opera (I don’t recall which one) at the Kennedy Center.  For several minutes after being stabbed, poisoned, or otherwise mortally attacked, the soprano sang and sang and sang.  My son says, in a stage whisper, “would you just die already?”.

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