Goofy Themeless

Goofy Themeless

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This has nothing to do with the puzzle. It’s the tiniest rabbit I’ve ever seen, happily munching on our front lawn yesterday.

Word Count:  72

Average length:  5.44

Difficulty:  Um, all I can say is it’s probably an easier solve if you’re in the same state of mind I was during much of the construction process. 

Here’s the idea:  the 3-letter answers are common words and abbreviations/acronyms and should give you a decent foothold in the puzzle.  A significant majority of the 4-letter answers are common words, but each of those words is clued without regard for the word’s actual meaning.  The remaining 4-letter words and all the longer answers are either neologisms or nonsense phrases, the more ridiculous the better. 

I hope you have even a fraction as much fun solving the puzzle as I had constructing it.  If it’s not your cup of tea, never fear; I promise my next puzzle will be considerably less Alice-out-Wonderlandish.

Specific comments:

22A:  I am happy to do my small part for the Indie Constructor Steely Dan Recognition Drive.

39A:  With all apologies to Monsieur Van Gogh, I couldn’t resist the clue

58A:  I’m sure most (non-MOT) solvers won’t get this answer off the bat, but again, I couldn’t resist the clue.  For an explanation, see

62A:  One of my all-time favorite movies. How do you know he’s a king … I’m not dead yet … etc., etc.

10D:  My first ever Spanish pun.  (Cura is a Spanish word for priest.)

34D:  Stupid, yeah, but funny, I hope.

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