What Did Edvard Munch?

(Not Ice Scream)

puz | pdf | solution

Word Count:  74

Average Length:  4.95

Difficulty: 3/5

Palette or palate, what’s the diff?  Artists have painted still life arrangement for centuries.  You might ask, though, what happens when artists become one with their food?  Solve and see!  And please, share bountifully.

34 Down: My Selmer Mark VI

The seed for this puzzle was an earlier incarnation of 23A:  my wife, who is a punster extraordinaire, came to me last week and suggested using “bialy” as the second word, which I like because it is inherently funnier than the actual second word in the answer.  Alas, the exigencies of symmetry stamped their feet after I came up with the other two theme answers and bialy was toast, so to speak. 

Special thanks to my test-solver (son Adam) on this one – he always has good input, and here he suggested some edits that I think greatly improved the final product.

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