August 1 Themeless

puz | pdf | solution

Word Count:  70

Average Length:  5.57

Difficulty:  5 out of 5

Here’s a challenging themeless built around three grid-spanners:  a terrific book from the great Haruki Murakami, a classic line from a very funny baseball movie, and a fervent wish about our nation’s capital. Enjoy and share!

Cologne (Koln) Cathedral at dusk (see 56 Across)

10A:  Walter is one of my favorite authors.  His characters – labor organizers, reformed criminals, active criminals, movie stars, poets – come alive, and he writes with deep feeling and sharp wit.

45A:  I’m not sure how many people remember him – he’s still alive and kicking at 94 – but Sahl is credited as the first modern stand-up comic, and his political satire inspired Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and many others.

60A:  I refuse to clue this by reference to my local baseball team so soon after they traded so many stars (especially to the Dodgers!).

4D:  Another favorite author of mine, Murakami’s novels brim over with music, magic, and close attention to his characters’ internal lives.

10D:  Here’s a link to the clip, which follows the memorable line “He’s a juvenile delinquent in the off-season, in his Major League debut.”  The quote is around the 54 second mark.

6 replies on “August 1 Themeless”

Still working on this. Would be convenient if it was solvable on the site itself! Amuselabs provides free hosting (what I use) if you’re interested. My site is also a wordpress as well, so I can attest that it’s fairly simple.


Thanks for the suggestion and info, Josh. My web site is hosted by WordPress and I use CrossFire to construct. Would I need to construct using AmuseLabs in order to embed the on-line solving option in my blog? Sorry if that’s a dumb question – I came up in the days of graph paper and pencils.


I also use CrossFire to construct. I just export as .puz, then on the amuselabs site I import the .puz! I usually change the setting so that it doesn’t indicate which letters are wrong at the end. Then I copy the embed url and paste it into WordPress’s custom html block and that’s it! Amuselabs provides interesting stats like number of starts and number of solves and average time.


I did all that, and when I hit Preview it looked like it worked. But when I published and clicked View Post, the PuzzleMe block was missing, so I changed it back to a draft. I’m pretty sure I’m neglecting something obvious. Any ideas?


Hmm the first thing I think of is the part of the embed html that says “margin: 0 !important;” could be moving it off screen? Or maybe the height and width specified needs to be changed. I’ll send you an email, and if you’re interested I can help debug on a screenshare.


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