“Every One of Them Words Rang True”

puz | pdf | solution

Word Count:  72

Average Length:  5.00

Difficulty:  4 out of 5

This has nothing to do with the puzzle, but permit me to introduce my dog, Max. The squirrel got away.

The title phrase, if you don’t recognize it, is a line in this puzzle’s revealer.  I hope you enjoy the puzzle and share it far and wide. (I had intended to include a PuzzleMe option but I couldn’t get it to work. So, a question for other constructors: do I need an upgraded WordPress account for iframes to work? I just have the basic level.)

14A:  Friends tell me my house has walls and furniture galore in this color.  Being colorblind, I take their word for it.  And my wife, to her delight, has free rein on all color decisions.

20A:  Also the title of an irrepressibly catchy tune from Reel Big Fish.

40A: The great Mario Vargas Llosa called this publication “…the most serious, authoritative, witty, diverse and stimulating cultural publication in all the five languages I speak.”

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