A Cruciverbalist’s Travails

puz | pdf | solution

Words:  76

Average Length:  4.87

Difficulty:  3.5 out of 5

Typical Tuscan landscape – olive trees in the foreground, a vineyard tucked behind them, and cypress trees in the mid-background (see 65A)

Here’s a little crossword humor for y’all.  How little?  You decide – and if you find the puzzle amusing, please spread the word about both the puzzle and this web site! 

I have a few caps left, so please email me at if you’d like one sent your way (for free).

Just a couple of notes on today’s grid: 

10A:  We have a running joke/lament in our family that whenever we become enamored with a product, it gets discontinued.  Most sorely missed:  Kellogg’s Product 19, which despite the clinical name was really, really good. 

50A:  If you’re not familiar with the [ANSWER] variety puzzle, they’re tremendous fun.  Unfortunately, I can’t explain them here without giving away the answer.  All I can say is I solve the ones from Andrew Ries every week (they come out every Tuesday, followed by a tough themeless every Wednesday) and they provide a great mental workout.  His site – – is by subscription but well worth it if you’re up for a challenge.

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