Themeless 18

Ready for a decently difficult themeless?  Head to the Tabard inn (see 19A), hoist a pint, solve, enjoy, share. 

Entrance to a certain Cathedral of relevance to 19 Across

Words:  68

Average Length:  5.71

Difficulty:  5 out of 5

puz | pdf | solution

19A:  When I decided to clue it this way, I was surprised to find out the percentage is so low.

59A:  Pliny’s remedy may still be preferable to those used by two people I knew in college.  One guy would get up early, go out and run 11 miles as hard as he could, throw up, and then (so he said), feel fine.  The other guy believed in applying ice directly to a very sensitive body part, throwing up and then (so he said) he’d feel fine.

63A:  Here’s a link to the clip:

34D:  Such a funny scene; here’s the link:

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