IKEAn’t Believe It!

Sibelius Monument, Helsinki (See 20A)

Words:  77 (16×15 grid)

Average Length:  5.14

Difficulty:  3 out of 5

Here’s a puzzle with some punny Scandinavian humor for y’all.  Want some more?  Why do Norwegians put bar codes on their military ships?  So they can Scan-de-navy-in! 

Please solve, enjoy, and share.  Next up will be a challenging themeless.  Stay tuned!

puz | pdf | solution

20A:  The country in this answer is sort of Scandinavian, at least according to Wikipedia.

66A:  Ok, the language isn’t Scandinavian, but the composer is, and I wanted 5 theme answers, so there.

13D:  Sorry for the obscure answer.  As an avid reader of Scottish crime fiction (especially Ian Rankin) and an equally avid consumer of Scotch whisky (especially Balvenie), the quote has been rattling around in my brain for a while.

53D:  This is the end of Donne’s famous “No man is an island” poem.

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