Garden-Variety Names

Words:  79 (16×15 grid)

Average Length:  5.06

Toasting the Welsh Mens’ Choir (see 18 Across) with a glass of bitter. The performance and the beer were both excellent.

Housekeeping note: the clue to 70 Across should read “One who might assist in the birth of a 64 Across.” Thanks to Sommersmith for pointing out the need for an edit – and be sure to check out his puzzles over at; they’re excellent!

I think this is one of the easier puzzles I’ve ever constructed. It’s a straightforward themed puzzle clued at a Monday/Tuesday level.  There are a lot of proper names, but they’re all reasonably well-known.  Enjoy the respite:  next Sunday’s grid will be a tough themeless.  First, though, come back Wednesday for MMM 24.

online | puz | pdf | solution

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