A Foolproof April

Flyover at Nats Park, Mar. 30, 2023 (see 58 Across)

Words:  76

Average Length:  5.00

Here’s a gently springy puzzle for early April, as well as a poem that I wrote after walking around the neighborhood.

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Spring in My Feet

Einstein-haired forsythias wave

To daffodils who bow and brave

The bagpipe drone and wheeze of blowers

Lofting leaves among the flowers

Callow cherries blush with pride,

Their elders slumber on and bide

The time til arthritic limbs

Break out in pinkly glorious hymns

Zoysia steals more Zs before

It grudgingly comes green once more,

For now the onion grass stands guard

While squirrels scrabble ‘cross the yard

Weekday children walk to school

In shorts though temps be cold not cool,

Weekend farmers make their beds

With shredded hardwood, blacks and reds.

I’m glad my verse you did indulge;

My friends I thank you very mulch.