Music with Scales

Words:  67 (14×15)

Average Length:  5.07

I’ve been toying with the idea for this theme for a while.  When I finally decided to flesh it out, I realized it needed a non-standard grid size to preserve symmetry, which accounts for the fact that the grid looks like it’s lost weight.  (Your humble constructor certainly hasn’t, having recently returned from Portugal, where food and wine are cherished: see the picture above of cod with roasted potatoes and onions, gleefully consumed at Restaurant Pinoquio, Lisbon.) 

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Rock of Aging

Words:  78

Average Length:  4.92

Difficulty:  Like aging gracefully – it can be done but takes some commitment

Aging rocks, Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

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There’s been a lot of news recently about musicians selling their catalogs for hundreds of millions of dollars.  But there’s another way for chronologically advanced rockers to monetize their hits – adapt them to tout cures for various afflictions of the aging.  Such as, you may ask? Solve and find out!