Historical Grocery Shopping

Words:  76

Average Length:  4.87

Difficulty:  Harder than the average themed puzzle, though you’re probably smarter than the average bear, so maybe not so hard?

Stroopwafels, Amsterdam. They’re way more addicting than what’s sold at 45 Acrosses.

puz | pdf | solution

While wandering the aisles in Safeway a few weeks ago – pretty much the extent of my travels for the past too many months – 10 Down occurred to me.  By the time I checked out I had 25 Down.  Two more theme answers (17 Across and 61 Across) and voila, the bones of a puzzle.  In the fill, I was happy to work in one of my favorite musical groups (30 Across), favorite soft drinks (47 Down; it may be an acquired taste), and favorite noshes (48 Across).  I’m also particularly pleased with the clue for 1 Down.  The clue on 57 Down is a nod to Mike Graczyk, whose Pun of a Kind puzzles are always fresh and entertaining.

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